It’s somewhere in the back of your mind, isn’t it? Get fit, stay in shape. It is so hard to get motivated, but what if there was a place where working out wasn’t such a chore? What if there is a club that makes working our fun and tailors its workout to how you want to get in shape?

Knuckleup Fitness is an alternate fitness club that combines traditional gym services such as cardio kickboxing and incoor cycling with mixed martial art classes. It is a concept created around a mission to provide members with personalized attention and an array of fitness options. It is ideal for those who want to get into shape but are bored or uninspired by a routine workout.

Take a moment to explore our world and discover why so many Atlanta residents choose Knuckleup Fitness to achieve their fitness goals. With 3 metro Atlanta locations and a one week FREE pass, get ready to Knuckleup.

Classes offered: