KnuckleUp Boxing

Mention fighting to anyone and they are probably going to mention Boxing. From the greats like Mohammed Ali to the superstars of today, boxing is a world-class sport that always attracts a crowd. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to step into the ring like the greats?  Well now you can experience just that!

KnuckleUp Fitness provides every-day members with a boxing experience that duplicates a professional boxer’s training regimen. We can do this because our instructors are just that, professional boxers and in each class our students train like they are preparing for a championship bout.

Head to toe sweat is what you can expect from each class. We don’t just run you; we teach you how to throw the punches and the importance of footwork so that your workouts are safer, more effective and are an incredible fitness and learning experience.  Whether you’re a full time mom or a seasoned MMA fighter looking to work on your hand skills, our Boxing classes are guaranteed to work for you. Come in and try us out – we are positive you will be pleased and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals.

Boxing Class Format

At KnuckleUp Fitness, our 50 minute boxing classes teach members the four basic punches along with the maneuvers that a boxer can use in order to evade or block punches.

  • Punches  –  Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut
  • Defense – Slip, Sway or Fade, Duck or Break, Bob and Weave, Parry/Block, The Cover-Up, The Clinch