Weight Training & Cardio

In addition to our classes, we offer an assortment of weights, cardio equipment, and various functional and core training apparatus at all of our locations.

Cardio Theater & Weight Training

When you can’t make it to the classes or even if you just want some quick conditioning, KnuckleupFitness offers a full array of cardio & weight training equipment. We have treadmills, bikes, stair climbers and elliptical’s all with their very own cable TV’s. Don’t worry about having to wait for a machine, we have plenty to go around.


Indoor Cycling

Group indoor cycling is an intense cardiovascular workout, as well as a great way to tone and condition your lower body like quadriceps and hamstrings. Led by an instructor, our indoor cycling classes provide great cardiovascular conditioning at interval speed and power. Members can burn 600-700 calories in each class which makes this a major player in the “Weight Loss game.” Our upbeat instructors will encourage you to work harder through interval rides that simulate sprinting, running, climbing and jumping all in the same ride.