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The KnuckleUp Kickboxing classes at KnuckleUp Fitness are designed to introduce members to the fundamentals of Muay Thai and Full Contact Kickboxing while providing an exciting, high energy workout.  This is first and foremost a high intensity interval training, or HIIT program.

It has been proven that the best way to increase lean muscle mass, flexibility cardiovascular health and decrease unwanted body fat in a limited amount of time is by interval training. This is done by doing low resistance, intense cardio work in a short period of time (2 minute round) then slowing the heart rate down by doing a higher resistance exercise during the (1 minute rest period.) This allows everyone regardless of fitness or skill level to get their heart rate up at a level that is ideal for them to improve their overall ability to perform then drop it back down and improve recovery time. All classes at KnuckleUp use the interval training concept.

Kickboxing Class Format

KnuckleUp Kickboxing classes are 50-60 minute interval training sessions including cardiovascular and resistance training, and plyometric exercises.

  • Each class consists of a warm-up including a light jog and shadow boxing, several rounds of kickboxing combinations on a 200lb. heavy bag, and at least 10 minutes of abdominal exercises.
  • Our classes are orchestrated using the same principals our coaching staff has developed for training our professional and amateur fighters.
  • Our workouts help to burn up to an average of 600-800 calories per hour.
  • These classes will improve every aspect of fitness and athletic ability no matter what your experience level.
  • Our group class environment is fun and upbeat and is not only designed to improve your fitness and athletic abilities, but also help you learn basic self defense along the way.
  • From beginner to expert you will fit right in at KnuckleUp Fitness!
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