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KnuckleUp Fitness hosts corporate events and group classes for a wide variety of companies and teams. We have an offering for groups both big and small.  Our Corporate Events include engaging and exciting team-building exercises designed to foster trust and a sense of mutual achievement in the community of people that are around you everyday.  Contact us today to find out if our unique approach is a good fit for you and your associates.

Lessons Learned


Mike B. – led Team AutoIMS to KnuckleUp Fitness for a team-building event. Half of the company rose to the challenge by punching, kicking, mountain climbing, and pushup-ing until they each reached a personal, physical threshold.

So, what does kickboxing have to do with software development? “It can be similar in some ways to what I do as a developer,” After the workout, professional [athlete and coach] Stephen Upchurch explained failure in a new and inspiring way. Taking the body to the point of failure redefines the place to push through in the next training session. As Kellee W. put it, “it’s okay to fail, because failure can drive you toward success.”

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