Thom’s Story

It was February 2008 and I went to get a physical. At that time I was told the following: I had a resting heart rate of 98, my blood pressure was very high, my cholesterol levels were through the roof, and I was close to being diabetic and insulin dependent for the rest of my life.

I was 275lbs and had a body fat percentage that was off the charts. I knew I had to make some choices. Life choices! I decided to join KnuckleUp Fitness in Sandy Springs, GA. I started taking Kickboxing classes. I knew immediately I was hooked, not only with the Kick Boxing classes, but KnuckleUp! KnuckleUp is a family.

I signed up with one of the personal trainers who guided me through muay thai, kickboxing and weight training. I also changed the way I ate; I started making healthier food choices.

“… I did falter at times, but the KnuckleUp staff kept me motivated.”

I have to say that this program was not easy. It did have its challenges and I did falter at times, but the Knuckle Up staff kept me motivated and pushed through this plan when things got stagnate or my body wasn’t reacting anymore to the eating plan. Between that and my new exercise program, I am a testament to where hard work and motivation can get you.

It is now February 2013, and I now stand before you at 200lbs (75lb weight loss) 11% body fat, a resting heart rate of 52. My cholesterol is dramatically lowered to where it is not a concern anymore. The great part out of all this is that diabetes is not even an issue.

My pant size is now a size 32 down from a size 42! I feel great, have lots of energy, and now am active in Boot Camps and Kickboxing classes and Lifting Weight on a daily basis. I love me some Knuckle Up!

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Q&A with Thom Underwood

Q: What initially brought you to KnuckleUp?

A: Weight loss first, then physical conditioning…. Kickboxing class is an awesome way to do both.

Q: Why did you choose KnuckleUp over its competitors to help you lose the weight?

A: KnuckleUp was close to home and classes are offered at all times of the day.

Q: How much weight have you lost since joining KnuckleUp?

A: Well, 80 plus pounds….

Q: How did KnuckleUp help you achieve that level of weight loss?

A: I was motivated by the KnuckleUp team. They are like a family….. and they keep challenging you.

Q: Did you have any initial fears about losing the weight with KnuckleUp?

A: No, It had to be done. But, fear about people laughing is a common issue. People are scared, but what they don’t realize is that the people in class with you understand how tough class is and actually respect you for working to make a difference.

Q: How do you feel about those initial fears now?

A: KnuckleUp makes you feel at home and part of the team, so I know I have support.

Q:  What are some of your favorite moments with KnuckleUp on the weight loss journey?

A: Getting yelled at to push myself. All the staff is so awesome and encouraging.

Q: What would you say about KU to someone who wants to lose weight?

A: It’s a tough journey, but keep pushing…. Do your best and don’t ever give up .

Q: Why would you recommend KnuckleUp to someone who wants to lose weight?

A: Organized classes are the best motivation and for people at all skill levels. The staff is concerned and everyone is part of an awesome circle of friends!