Special Offer For Mckesson Employees on Gym Membership

Kickboxing Class

Discounted Gym Membership ( 300 Dollar Value)


KnuckleUp Fitness is the premiere Martial Arts and Fitness Gym in the United States and one of our branches is just a few blocks from the Mckesson office in Alpharetta.  For a limited time, KnuckleUp is offering Mckesson Employees a special discount package worth over 300 dollars.  KnuckleUp uses the power of martial arts to make our classes fun, exciting and effective.  So, if you’d like to experience the life changing power working with one of our instructors there will never be a better time to act than now.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and someone from the gym will be in contact with you soon to help you get started.

Option 1

$ 1 enrollment fee ( normally 199)  69 dollars a month for a one year membership ( normally 79)


Option 2

Get a  full year membership for a one time fee of 750 dollars. ( Best Value)


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