Knuckleup Fighting Leagues

Join the KnuckleUp Competitive Sparring League!
Ever wondered what it’s like to compete in a boxing ring or a combat cage? What to take your training to the next level?

Knuckleup fitness answers those questions with its Competitive Sparring Leagues- created for members to test their athletic skills without being in an official fight setting.

Exclusive to Knuckleup Fitness, members will learn how to train for a competition event, be coached effectively, and learn what it’s like to compete in front of your friends and family. Competing in these leagues will also give you an idea of where you stack up against other people at your weight and experience level.

When you buy a league pass, we will pair you with someone in a similar weight class and skill level. This is a perfect opportunity to refine your strategy and to see if you have what it takes to win. You compete just as you would in a professional tournament. You won’t want to miss this event

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Knuckleup Competitive Sparring League teams?

A: The Knuckleup teams allow us to improve the level of coaching being given to members who want to fight and give them an opportunity to see if they are ready.  It will also give members an opportunity to train in an environment that is specifically geared towards competing where there will be no inexperienced students that will take up a lot of the instructors’ time. You will have your conditioning level assessed and you will participate in goal-oriented high level training sessions that are sure to improve your skill set.

Q: What do I get for the Competition League Training Team that I don’t get in a class?

A: The competition team is going to teach you how to compete and not just learn technique. Beyond memorization of moves you must learn the competitive rules that govern your particular sport, ways to score points, judges scoring, etc.

It is also going to combine all your skills together with a harder regiment of cardio, sparring, and instruction to a higher level that is designed specifically for competition.  There will be very few basic fundamentals taught (i.e.- jab, cross, hook, arm bar, etc.).

Joining the team gives you at least one extra training session a week in which everyone is training to fight, giving you the opportunity to spar with other fighters, doing pad work/ grappling/ etc.

Q: What is the benefit of competing in the Knuckleup Sparring Leagues vs. taking amateur fights from promoters?

A: No added pressure of competing in front of an angry crowd or a group of your friends and family.

  • Learn what level you are at prior to putting your reputation and record on the line.
  • Coaching and marketing support will be given to team members with their best interests in mind.
  • With the leagues you will always have a chance to compete.
  • It’s less expensive to compete in one of our leagues.
  • Knuckleup coaching staff will do their best to make sure that you are fully prepared to handle whatever comes your way when you participate in the leagues and teams.
Q: Do I need to provide my own training equipment?

A: YES! You should always have your own equipment for sanitary reasons, but it is mandatory to have all of your own equipment before you can train on a team.

  • Grappling teams: Mouthpiece, protective cup, rash guard, board, or Vale Tudo shorts and at least 1 GI.
  • Boxing teams: Mouthpiece, protective cup, headgear, 16 oz. boxing gloves, hand wraps, and shoes.
  • Muay Thai teams: Protective cup, mouthpiece, 16 oz. sparring gloves, shin guards, headgear and hand wraps and Thai pads.
  • MMA teams: Mouthpiece, protective cup, slip on shin guards, 7 oz. MMA safety training glove with thumb, 16 oz. sparring gloves, headgear, and hand wraps.
Q: Do I have to be on a team to compete in the Knuckleup tournaments? 

A: Any Knuckleup member can compete in Knuckleup tournaments except for MMA. MMA tournament participants must be on a MMA team in order for us to maintain a safe environment.

Q: Can a beginner join a team?

A: If you are a beginner, we recommend taking some of the advanced classes for which ever fight style you want to do. When the basics have been covered, then you should join a team to take it to the next level. The fight leagues are designed to raise the level of intensity during training.

Q: How often is practice and who are the coaches?

A: Each team is required to have a minimum of one practice a week. As the teams grow we will increase the required amount of practice.

Q: Can I choose what team I want to be on, even if it is at a different club than where I train?

A: You choose whose team you are on.  You can choose to be at any club on any team, but you have to attend the practices at the club they are scheduled at.

Q: Can I be on a team and not participate in the Knuckleup tournament?

A: Yes. The fight teams are going to teach you how to compete but in the event that you or your coach feel that you aren’t ready or don’t want to compete and just want to train with the team no one will expect you to compete.

Q: What are the rules for the tournament?


  • Muay Thai:  IKF rules for amateur fights
  • Grappling: USA WRESTLING Rules
  • Jiu Jitsu: NAGA Rules
  • BOXING: USA Mature Boxing rules
  • MMA: Gloves, Grappling Shin Guards, No Elbows, and Striking on the ground is allowed
Q: Is there a kids division?

A: Yes, for grappling/ Jiu Jitsu only. Kids divisions and training operates similarly to the adults division.

Q: How will I be matched up?

A: Initially, he Knuckleup coaches and tournament officials will match you up based on age, gender, weight and experience level. Once you build a track record, your past performance is what will be used to build the categories for matches.

Q: What are the weight classes?

A: You will be matched with someone who is within 5 lbs of you.