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29 Jul, 2016

KnuckleUp Trainer Luke Neyland talks UFC

Sarah: So Luke, you just got done cornering a fighter in the UFC. I know we've got the UFC fights coming up he...
17 Apr, 2016

KnuckleUp wins big at Legacy 53 and UFC

This last week has been a great one for the Mixed Martial Arts fighters at KnuckleUp. Our MMA team has racked ...
16 Mar, 2016

Megan W.’s KnuckleUp Yelp Review

  Since we have so many great experiences shared on our old KnuckleUp Yelp listing, we thought that we...
10 Mar, 2016

Jiu Jitsu is for Everyone

Disabled, un-athletic, competitors, hobbyist...man or woman...young or old...all shapes and all sizes, Jiu...
16 May, 2011

KnuckleUp member Talks Weight Loss

Long time KnuckleUp member Karen Brier is moving to awe-inspiring vistas of Lake Tahoe for work and leaving us...
01 May, 2011

Tecia Torres Joins Team KnuckleUp

Tecia Torres Joins Team KnuckleUp! We are thrilled to announce that Ft. Lauderdale, FL native and number on...
01 Apr, 2011

Friend of KnuckleUp in USA Today



in Knuckleup Fitness News

We love seeing our friends succeed! Check out a USA Today interview with former KnuckleUp team member and Marietta, Ga native Clay Harvison on his experience on The Ultimate Fighter. We are rea...
25 Mar, 2011

Moe Travis Wins Again!

Once again, congratulations are in order for KnuckleUp’s own Moe Travis who recently won Bangkok Fight Night...