AutoIMS Fails at Kickboxing

KnuckleUp recently hosted a corporate team-building session with AutoIMS at our Sandy Springs/Buckhead facility.

KnuckleUp Fitness hosts corporate team-building and group classes for many different types of companies and teams. Recently, we hosted an event for AutoIMS, and the group had such a great time that they wrote a little something about it for their other associates and we wanted to share it with you all as well.

AutoIMS Fails at Kickboxing

On Tuesday, March 7, Mike Broe led Team AutoIMS to KnuckleUp Fitness for a team-building event. Half of the company rose to the challenge by punching, kicking, mountain climbing, and pushup-ing until they each reached a personal, physical threshold.

After the workout, professional [kick]boxer Stephen “The Advantage” Upchurch explained failure in a new and inspiring way. Taking the body to the point of failure redefines the place to push through in the next training session. As Kellee Watson put it, “it’s okay to fail, because failure can drive you toward success.”

So, what does kickboxing have to do with software development? “It can be similar in some ways to what I do as a developer,” said Dan Lepkofker. “Technology evolves constantly, and you are always learning new ways to achieve certain goals. The ceiling is limitless and if you don’t strive to push the boundaries, you won’t live up to your potential.”

“We often experience failures in our jobs, said Ann Cammarata, “It’s ok to fail as long as you keep going – even if you have to slow down, regroup or ask for help. I also learned that sometimes working with a partner moves you closer to your goal. You don’t have to go-it alone.”

On Wednesday, most employees were still feeling sore from the workout. James Holle pointed out, “It’s more fun to challenge yourself when surrounded by friends. I watched others hit their limits and they saw me hit mine. It’s definitely a bonding experience.” We may be sore today, but tomorrow we will be stronger together.

We had so much fun with this group and they obviously had fun with us as well.

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