Patrick K.’s KnuckleUp Yelp Review

Although not from our old Yelp listing, we thought Patrick’s review too well written to be stuck in the “not currently recommended” by Yelp column on our new listing so we are going to share it.

Patrick K.

KnuckleUp Sandy Springs/Buckhead

5 stars – 01/15/2016


I’ve been a member with KnuckleUp for close to 10 years, worked out at various locations, and I recommend it to everyone I know.  I initially started with cardio kickboxing and loved it – all of the trainers are great!  It’s a great way to get started, or even to just stay with.  But for me, over time, I have gone back and forth with different things that KnuckleUp offers:
-Personal training (with Stephen Upchurch and Dave Vitkay),
-BootCamp and CrossFit (with Moe Travis) and
-Brazilian jiu jitsu…
I could probably name drop more, but seriously, all of the trainers and coaches are great!

To talk about the gym, one of the best benefits of being at KnuckleUp is the bond and friendships created with the trainers and other people training to better themselves.  They actually care about your health, your development, and work with you to obtain your personal goals.  Unlike big box gyms that work the numbers and hope you don’t show up, the trainers at KnuckleUp want you to show up and care about whether you are getting what you said you wanted out of your membership.  And now that they are in their new space in Buckhead, it is even more amazing.  So much more mat space and even more bags for cardio kickboxing!  (Everyone always like to have some space).  And more mat space for muay-thai kickboxing and jiu jitsu.  The gym also now has an “official” CrossFit affiliate and the space/equipment is fantastic!

When I have done CrossFit at KnuckleUp, Moe goes over form and emphasizes proper form.  Unlike other places, it’s not about slapping a workout on the wall and throwing max weights around until failure.  Because of Moe, KU CrossFit is truly different from all the other CrossFit affiliates.  She cares about form, technique, and your health!

When I do cardio kickboxing, I am motivated to keep up with the class.  You know your limits, but its fun to try to keep up with the guy or girl in the corner of your eye that’s hustling a little harder than you.  And sometimes, I may not be able to hustle like others, but I can focus on landing power shots or focus on getting the technique down.  It’s up to me, but I also like to keep up with the pace of the class.

Personal training sessions (I’ve worked with Dave and Stephen) have been great!  They have been flexible to what worked for me and the things I wanted to do.  When I have done personal training, the results have been very satisfying!

Jiu jitsu is very new to me and I am loving it.  I’ve had about six classes now and the fundamentals class is great and perfect for me.  I also love taking part in the Saturday classes and learning from others that are more experienced than me.  The instructors and other experienced practitioners are just wonderful.  I’m not very good, but I am learning!

Some folks may not be interested in all of these things, but KnuckleUp has them and more.  You can get whatever you want.  All you have to do is show up and do the work!

This gym really has everything a person could ever want.  However, this is not the gym if you like to pose in front of the mirror and just socialize after work.  And like I said earlier, the friendships and personal bonds I have formed at KnuckleUp are just an added benefit, so there is the friendships and socializing, but you gotta do the work.

I’ve known a lot of these people for close to 10 years and experienced life with these people.  Trust me when I say this – the people that leave negative reviews weren’t interested in being the catalyst for change in their life to get the results they wanted.  They wanted something else – a dream, an excuse, a “supposed” quick fix.  They just didn’t want to do hard work.