Megan W.’s KnuckleUp Yelp Review


Since we have so many great experiences shared on our old KnuckleUp Yelp listing, we thought that we would share a few of the more thoughtful posts with you all. Megan has done Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with us for a while now, and is now even trying her hand at Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well. We are super proud of her accomplishments and look forward to watching her skills continue to grow.


Megan W.

KnuckleUp Sandy Springs

5 stars – 07/21/2013

“I was first introduced to KnuckleUp Fitness when I decided to try out Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to lose weight. I started out at a different location, that ended up closing, which forced me to relocate to the Sandy Springs location. It ended up being a blessing because my commute was cut in half and Sandy Springs had so much more to offer. I was blown away at my first class, it was so different than I had experienced anywhere else…

There are so many other women that train there, it puts competing on another level and everyone is very team oriented. Not to mention, it’s always more comfortable to have other women training with you. There are classes that cater to the advance jiu jitsu practitioners as well as fundamentals classes for those just starting out.

If jiujitsu isn’t for you (and for most it’s not), there are Muay Thai classes, as well as boxing, mma, wrestling, and of course, what they’re known for – kickboxing. I actually just started taking the morning kickboxing class and was relieved to discover you can go at your own pace and it’s an awesome workout. There is also cardio/weight equipment that you would find at any other gym, but you’re missing out if you don’t take any of the classes. Whether you want to be the next Ronda Rousey or just get in better shape, KnuckleUp is where you need to be.”