Jiu Jitsu is for Everyone

Disabled, un-athletic, competitors, hobbyist…man or woman…young or old…all shapes and all sizes, Jiu Jitsu has something for all of you.

Many people think that we must compete and dedicate our lives to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or we shouldn’t be doing it at all. At KnuckleUp Fitness we disagree. Although we do highly encourage competition, and have had a very successful competition team for almost two decades now, competing is not a requirement for our Jiu Jitsu members. At KnuckleUp we welcome anyone to train, not just those that want to compete, or want to make BJJ their life, but anyone that is willing to give us a little of your time to show you the martial art that we love so much. We believe that even if you are not a competitor or you can’t attend classes often, a Jiu Jitsu player should still be welcomed to the mats with open arms. We can still learn, progress, and yes, even be promoted, without competing.

Whether you are here for the sport, to try and learn some self defense, or just as a fun way to workout, we have space for all of you on our mats.

We hope that over time, even those that are only able to train part time, that don’t get Jiu Jitsu yet, are awkward or un-athletic, or that just don’t compete, will learn to love Jiu Jitsu, learn to love what it teaches us. Not just what it teaches us about the martial arts, but what it teaches us about ourselves. Many people that come to Jiu Jitsu wind up eventually finding something in themselves that they never knew existed. They come to pass the time, or to maybe just to be able to say they did it, but they learn that they are stronger than they ever thought, that there is a warrior hiding inside them. In order to find that inner strength we must be given a chance to do so, we believe you should be given the time to find your way. Everyone is different and everyone will find this at a different time, or maybe not at all, but that’s okay too.

Different schools have different goals and training philosophies regarding the subject, and those philosophies are all correct, for themselves. You see, everyone has their own opinion, what they like, don’t like, want or don’t want to accomplish while training or teaching Jiu Jitsu. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you are doing it the way you want to do it. That is another thing that is so great about Jiu Jitsu, there’s a school for everyone too.

Jiu Jitsu has something, and is, for everyone. We can all take something home from our time on the mats. Do what works for you, train as much as you can or want, compete or don’t, and at a school that makes you happy, but whatever you do, do Jiu Jitsu.

Come in and try a complimentary week trial at our Buckhead – Sandy Springs, Windward – Alpharetta, Cumming, or Duluth locations. You just might learn something… about yourself.

See you on the mats. Oss!