Introducing KnuckleUp Wellness In The Workplace

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Today a healthy and motivated workforce is not a choice. It’s a necessity. If you’re not actively promoting a culture of health and fitness within your company then you’re falling behind your competitors that are. A successful company wellness program will:  1) help you recruit top talent, 2) lower absenteeism and lost time, 3) motivate your workforce and improve moral, and 4) increase your ability to retain top employees.

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce and the bottom line impact is significant. In fact studies show that for every one dollar companies spent on employee health programs they saw a bottom line return of three.

KnuckleUp Fitness, the company that set the standard for martial arts and fitness training in the city of Atlanta introduces KnuckleUp Wellness in the Workplace offering the following services to corporate clients:


  • Executive Self Defense

  • On Site Classes and Seminars

  • Group Memberships and Merchandise Discounts

  • Health Challenges and Contests

  • Digital Learning and Online Fitness Resources

  • Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition Consulting

  • Motivation, Human Performance and Team Building

  • Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Personal Fitness Training

  • On Site Fitness Center Consulting


Let KnuckleUp bring our commitment to quality and service to your company and help you create a culture of health, fitness and success today.


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