KnuckleUp Fitness is happy to bring you KU CrossFit!

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KnuckleUp Fitness is happy to bring you KU CrossFit!  We will begin offering CrossFit to members at the new training facility located at  4540 Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs.  Owner and CEO CJ Wilson said.

“KnuckleUp Fitness became the best gym of our type in the country by combining the qualities of a top tier martial arts school with those of a world class fitness training facility. The addition of CrossFit to the other classes and services we’re offering our members will raise the bar even higher. Additionally, we have great a history of competition here at KU. We like to win, and we have been using training principles similar to those of CrossFit for quite some time, so it made sense to become a CrossFit affiliate and start competing in that arena as well. KU CrossFit is going to be a huge addition to not just our fitness programs, but eventually to our competition team also.”

About CrossFit

Founded in 2000, CrossFit is a competitive fitness activity that incorporates elements of high intensity interval training, Olympic Weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and other exercises. It is currently practiced in over 10,000 affiliated gyms around the world.

About KnuckleUp

KnuckleUp Fitness is one of the leading Martial Arts and fitness training facilities in the South Eastern United States. With three metro area Atlanta locations, KnuckleUp uses the power of world class martial arts instruction to make fitness classes exciting, fun and effective. For more information contact the gym.