KnuckleUp Introduces HybridFit

HybritFit is an interval-based cardio/strength training class that has just debuted at KnuckleUp Fitness in Alpharetta. The class hits every major muscle group in addition to providing total body training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio.  The result is maximum benefit in the minimum amount of time. I recently spoke to the Marc Davis, General Manager of KnuckleUp Alpharetta, about this exciting new class.


Marc, how did you get the idea for  HybridFit?

The Hybrid is actually something that has been around KU for some time and unfortunately fallen through the cracks here in Alpharetta.  Monique Travis has great participation with her Moe Explode classes in Sandy Springs and I feel it is important to offer our members in Alpharetta another outlet for exercise in the form of strength and resistance training.  The concept Chazz Walton and I agreed on was offering the Hybrid 2-3 times a week, but only when Kickboxing classes are not offered.  This way it fills in the gaps of people’s exercise week and gives our members a completely different source of fitness.

Why is it called HybridFit?

We can’t take credit for the name since The Hybrid is a class that’s been offered here in the past, but we chose not to change it since Chazz has been very instrumental in getting the program up and running and that is his nickname, Chazz “The Hybrid” Walton.

How is it different from some of the other classes at KnuckleUp?

Although every class offered here is a phenomenal source of exercise as well as specialized training, the Hybrid incorporates strength training with equipment, some machines, and the addition of a lot of team challenge workouts to add more excitement.

How is it better than the sort of class someone might take at another gym?

I’d like to answer that in regard to all these gyms offering “Kickboxing,” but nobody teaching the classes has a kickboxing background, ha, but sticking to the subject . . . it’s different because we implement true combat conditioning principals from professionals.  We blend functional training into the mix with a level of intensity that produces real results.

Is it too hard for beginners?  Who should take the class?

The class is available to anyone of any fitness level.  Everything can be done at your own pace, nobody fails and for every difficult movement an alternative movement has been considered and can be implemented.

How much does it cost to take the class?  Do someone have to be a member to take HybritFit?

The class then its ten dollars per class or 90 dollars for a block of 10 classes and if you buy a block of ten you get one personal training session for free.

Will people do the same thing every time in each class if they take them regularly?

Each and every class will be different and you will never know what to expect. You will be challenged not only physically, but mentally as well.

Do people need to bring any special gear or equipment to the class?

Sneakers!  Anytime we can get outside and enjoy the fresh air we will.

How long until the average person taking the class will see results?

Usually pretty fast, just be sure your eating and sleeping patterns match what you are doing in terms of exercise.

Who teaches the class and what are their qualifications?

Currently Chazz Walton and I are running the classes together.  Both of us have extensive training experience.  Chazz adds a lot of knowledge with all of his experience in training as a professional fighter and being part of many fight camps.  I have been in the fitness industry for many years in every capacity from personal training, group fitness to management, etc.  We also have three master trainers on board just waiting to get involved so we can switch up the training philosophy regularly.

Anything else you think people should work in?

Always try to get good night’s sleep and maintain a balanced diet.

 Thanks Marc.



 HybridFit photos by Melanie Klaer

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