KnuckleUp Fitness Elite Grappling Team Shines at New Breed Ultimate

Once again KnuckleUp, under the guidance of the great Master Ricardo Murgel , showed why ours is the most dynamic grappling program in the South.  At New Breed, an elite team consisting of only a handful of members, won an astounding 30 medals and placed second in the overall competition.  Here’s what they said about the big event:


Alex Enriquez

Alex Enriquez

“The grappling team did a phenomenal job as usual from the kids, teens and adults. The kids especially had a tough tourney with exceptional competition showing that we all need to continue to put in hard work while training. The adults, especially our women, placed great results putting our team in second place in the adult division while only bringing around eight competitors! Everyone from the kids all the way up to the adults placed in every division! New Breed was a great competition leading to the Atlanta Open. With our team hard at work, everyone should be on their toes to watch greatness and explosiveness on the mats on August 29th and 30th.”


Jessica Duncan

Jessica Duncan

“As usual, our grappling team showed up and dominated most of the divisions! Every single person that competed made the podium, and most of them made the podium multiple times. All of the hard work that these competitors put in week after week on that mat paid off tenfold (as it always does!).

I also had the opportunity to see the tournament from another perspective since I worked as a staff member.  It made me so proud to look out on the mats and see my team working hard and representing. I cannot wait for us to do it again at the Atlanta Open.”


Camille and Gui

Camille Malenko

“Competing is a great way to push yourself and test yourself both physically and mentally.   At the end of the day, it’s crucial to be on such an incredible team.  I’m grateful for everyone I get to train with because they push me to work harder and be better.”


Foster, Alex,Parker and Murgel copy

Ricardo Murgel

“Once again, our warriors, with a very small number of competitors, dominated this competition and got more than 30 medals!  Alex Enriquez, Parker Graham and Thomas Foster Kennedy together won ten medals, nine of  them gold.  They showed excellence in all areas  competing in the Gi and No Gi divisions,  against teens and adults, at their weight division and in the Open division.  Alex had an especially strong tournament, winning six medals, five of them Gold.   Even though she fought against adults, some who outweighed her by 70 pounds, she won all her fights, most of them by submissions.

The whole grappling team had extraordinary performances. I’m very proud of each one that stepped on the mats at New Breed.

Thanks should also go out to Brown Belt Guilherme Cury and Blue Belt Ryan Mancilla, for all their support helping train the team. Finally, let me pay my utmost respect to all the parents and KnuckleUp and UNION teammates that attended the event and showed support for our victorious warriors.”