5 Ways KnuckleUp Fitness Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

Scientists are beginning to discover what martial artists have known for hundreds of years; that regular exercise benefits your mind just as much as it does your body. Here are 5 of the incredible ways exercise can keep your brain healthy.

1. Improved Mood- Exercise boosts your brain’s production of pleasure inducing neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins inhibit your body’s sensation of pain and create a soothing sense of euphoria. Endurance athletes have long known about the dramatic effects of an endorphin flood and call it the “Runner’s High.” Because of the mood elevating features of regular exercise and the support and positive social environment of belonging to a gym, exercise has shown to be effective in elevating self esteem and treating depression.

2. Reduced Stress- through focusing on physical activity and your body’s movement exercise gives your mind a rest from daily concerns.

3. Better Sleep – Exercise is shown to improve sleep patterns, which in turn help you fell rested, more in control, and confidant as you go through the day.

4. Improved Alertness and Cognitive Function- By boosting activity in the hippocampus, the area of your brain involved in memory and cognitive function, regular exercise has been shown to help improve memory, thinking skills, and even creativity. Studies also show that people who exercise have more volume in crucial parts of the brain involving memory and thinking skills.

5. Lowered Risk of Disease – Regular exercise can slow and possibly reverse the effects of aging on your brain function. This article from WebMD cites a breakthrough study on how exercise can help prevent and even mitigate the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

At KnuckleUp Fitness we use the power of world-class martial arts instruction to make exercise fun and exciting. If you want to see the remarkable results our classes can have on your body and mind then sign up for a free one-week trial membership today.