KnuckleUp Fitness Instructor Quentin Rosenzweig wins Super Fight and Gets Ready for World Championships

I talked to KnuckleUp Fitness Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor and resident submission machine Quentin Rosenzweig recently about his latest big win. Quentin faced the tough Joe Elmore in a submission grappling match at Copa America last weekend.

“The match went exactly how I planned,“ said Quentin who won via heel hook.

“I wanted to finish the match quickly to prevent the possibility of an injury before the Worlds. So I initiated the action and leg locked him which is the same move I got him with last time.”

Quentin remarked that although Elmore was very physical he definitely felt he had the advantage.

“He was very good in the scrambles but not with as much technical knowledge, so I knew I had an advantage there.”

When I asked him why he gets so many leg lock victories he commented,

“Most people know how to defend an arm bar or a choke but they don’t practice leg locks as much so they don’t defend them as effectively. “

Next up for Quentin, the IBJJF World Championships.