The Life Changing Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Children

One of the best things you can do for your child is encourage them to be enthusiastic about physical fitness and healthy living.  KnuckleUp Fitness Martial Arts classes for kids are a great way for kids to have fun, get fit, and learn healthy habits early in life. In addition to the health benefits Martial Arts training is also great for positive character development.

Martial Arts training for Children at KnuckleUp can…

Increase Physical Fitness 

Martial Arts training is a great way for kids to stay active and learn the value of physical fitness early in life. Martial arts training motivate kids towards physical fitness and healthy habits from the very beginning by making fitness fun and engaging. Watch as your child builds strength, speed, dexterity, balance and coordination with every class.

Build Character

Marital Arts are as much about having a strong mind as a strong body and your child will start to develop positive character traits inside the gym that will help them succeed later in life.

Teach Goal Setting

Your child will lean how to set goals, develop the discipline and work ethic to work towards them and then experience the well-deserved satisfaction of achieving them.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Your child will learn problems solving skills inside the gym as he progresses in his knowledge of the techniques learns how they work together to be more effective.

Stop Bullying Before it Starts

Bullies compensate for their own weakness by targeting those they perceive as weaker than themselves. With KnuckleUp Martial Arts Training for Children  training you can stop bullying before it starts by instilling confidence and courage in your child. Your child will also learn that self-respect is linked to respecting others. A child trained in the authentic principles of Martial Arts will neither bully nor allow themselves to be bullied.

Make Your Child The Right Kind Of Friends

Your child will form friendships with other positively motivated kids.

Develop Proper Self Esteem

Martial Arts training can counter the countless unhealthy images your child is bombarded with on a daily basis and help develop a healthy body image and authentic self esteem.

Learn To Focus

One of the most important factors in determining success in life is the ability to focus your energy on the task at hand. By listening to his instructor in class your child will develop both the ability to pay attention and focus their effort through martial arts training.


If you’d like to begin equipping your child for success with KnuckleUp Martial Arts training for Children then sign up for a free trial membership.

One of  the star pupils from KnuckleUp Martial Arts Training for Kids.

One of the star pupils from KnuckleUp’s Childrens Program.