The Astounding Bottom line Impact of Company Wellness

The cost of unhealthy workers is staggering.

According to a widely cited study by the Milken Institute the cost of unhealthy workers to the US economy is a jaw dropping 1.1 Trillion a year. What’s even scarier about this number is that it only measures the cost of absenteeism and the lost productivity of employees coming to work too unhealthy to perform the basic tasks their jobs require. The cost is even higher when you factor in other forms of decreased productivity and the rapidly rising cost of providing healthcare to unhealthy workers. What’s more; the study found that 75 percent of the health care costs companies face are from preventable issues traced to the unhealthy lifestyles of their employees.

The benefits of an effective wellness program are huge.

Because of the potentially crippling liability of an unhealthy workforce, today most successful companies are embracing the goal of employee wellness across their corporate cultures. Companies that make health and fitness a core goal see benefits like.

  • Decreasing absenteeism
  • Increasing the ability to recruit and retain top talent
  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Improving company morale
  • Lowering healthcare costs across the board

A focus on employee fitness has a significant impact on the bottom line. For example, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review mentions the case of  Johnson and Johnson  who found that for every dollar they spent on employee wellness they realized savings of  $ 2.71.

KnuckleUp Fitness and Company Wellness.

One issue facing employers who make the decision to provide an employee fitness program is how to get their workers to participate. If employees don’t think an employee health program is quality then they won’t take part. This means that for workers to buy into your program they must feel that it’s fun, effective and can help them reach their personal fitness goals. At KnuckleUp Fitness we’ve been using the power of world class martial arts instruction to get people in shape and motivated toward a healthy lifestyle for a decade.  We know how to make getting in shape exciting, fun and effective.  We can help you develop fitness programs that your employees will look forward to,  that will increase your company morale and have a significant positive impact on your bottom line. If you’d like to learn more about KnuckleUp Company Wellness then contact us here.