KnuckleUp Competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team delivers another strong performance at this years NAGA Georgia Championships.

KunckleUp had another strong showing at this years NAGA Georgia Championships. The gym had several of our members win their division and some even won in multiple divisions. Read on for a list of the winners from the gym.

Men’s No Gi Intermediate Bantamweight

1st Place Foster Kennedy

Men’s No Gi Beginner Featherweight

1st Place Kennedy Nguyen

Men’s No Gi Expert Featherweight

1st Ryan Mancilla

Men’s No Gi Expert Lightweight

3rd Kyle Propes

Men’s No Gi Expert Light Heavyweight

1st Quentin Rosenzweig

Men’s No Gi Novice Cruiserweight

1st Sean Mater

Women’s No Gi Expert Flyweight

2nd Jessica Duncan

Women’s No Gi Beginner Bantamweight

3rd Rachel Seltzer

Women’s No Gi Novice Lightweight

2nd Mary Matia

Men’s Gi Blue Belt Bantamweight

1st Foster Kennedy

Men’s Blue Belt Featherweight

1st Parker Graham

Men’s Gi Purple Belt Featherweight

1st Kyle Propes

Women’s Weight Belt Flyweight

2nd Rachel Seltzer

Women’s Purple Belt Flyweight

3rd Jessica Duncan

Kids No Gi Intermediate 70-79 pounds 13 &13 Yrs

1st Hurley Shelley

Kids No Gi Intermediate 90-99 pounds 12&13 Yrs

1st Sean Murray

3rd Niklas R Ferreira-Brunell

Kids Gi Expert 70-79 pounds 12 yrs

2nd Ally Graham

Kid’s Gi Beginner 90-99 pounds 12&13yrs

1st Niklas R Ferreira-Brunell

Girls Gi Beginner 67-69 pounds 8&9 yrs

1st Caitlin Murray

Teen No Gi Expert Middleweight 15-17

1st Foster Kennedy

Teen No Gi Novice Heavyweight 16 years old.

1st Andreas Roca