KnuckleUp Fitness Instructor Dave Vitkay Has High Hopes for The Ultimate Fighter

KnuckleUp Instructor Dave Vitkay

Dave Vitkay


KnuckleUp fighter and fitness instructor, Dave “The A-Town Ogre” Vitkay, believes the second time’s the charm. He travels to Las Vegas this Sunday to try out for The UFC’s flagship reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter. Dave nearly made the cut at his first try out and says he’s much better prepared this time.

“The first time I really didn’t know what to expect,” he said recently, “Now I do. I’m going there and taking my spot on The Ultimate Fighter!” Dave’s latest win streak and renewed dedication to training are both big things he has going for him on this trip. “Having five wins in a row definitely helps my confidence. I am much more professional about the whole fighting lifestyle. Before, I think I was just a fighter and now I’m a professional athlete.” Dave’s tryouts are April 27th in Las Vegas.