A Rave Review for KnuckleUp Kickboxing

Dear Knuckle Up,

Thank you for the 1-week free trial. I signed up to enhance my career as a stand-up comedian. I have heard many comparisons between performing and fighting, and now I can say I have bombed at both. Before visiting your facility, I was nothing more than a below average Joe. Since taking on the week-long challenge, my confidence has evolved into Joe Show status. I wanted the full experience, and got way more than I bargained for. I was able to try my hand at everything from Muay Thai to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Boxing and Kickboxing. My only previous experience with a “gym” was the YMCA, which I joined for the free coffee. It was intimidating to visit a gym where the staff is in actual shape. The Knuckle Up trainers are not the spray tanned Tae Bo disciples you see on YouTube. These are highly trained professionals that could kill you with a wink, but choose not to out of sheer discipline. I was pleasantly surprised with the kindness and generosity of the staff. They were very patient and willing to help me without laughing once. That takes a level of focus only a martial artist could obtain, because I was horrible. In all honesty, the only bad part about the classes was me.

The Muay Thai was great for endurance and technique. I had a blast paired up for some “light sparring.” The instructor let us make our own mistakes and would guide us into the proper adjustments. I am just happy we were wearing gloves and mouthpiece. Otherwise, those adjustments would have been to my teeth.


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there is a premium on relaxation and trust. The instructor trusted me enough to be teamed up with a female, whom I assumed was the same lack of skill level as me. She proved to be up to the challenge, submitting me with one hand while the other flexes for style points. It’s easy to relax when you’re unconscious. I’ll claim this experience was about being a gentleman instead of the victim. That role requires much relaxation and trust, that nobody will post pictures of the incident.


Boxing has its own style. We covered so many different defenses and combinations. The instructor really gives you the opportunity for application and repetition. I left this class feeling like the next Heavyweight Champ, until I googled the current one. Needless to say I’m in no hurry to get in the ring, but can now watch and execute boxing with a new confidence.


Surviving the kickboxing class was the highlight of my week. This is great for conditioning and skill. Although there were many people in the class, the instructor was sure to give me the one on one attention I needed. I’m not sure if this was out of professional courtesy or my own safety. Either way, the class had great energy and was non-stop.  All levels of experience were present, but the instructor tailored his inspiration accordingly.


This week was about pushing myself not only physically but also mentally. I have a newfound respect for the fighting techniques featured at Knuckle Up. My body and mind was pushed to the limit. The morning after my first class was very similar to that of my first hangover, there was some physical pain but a strange urge to do it again. If only there were drinking coaches as effective as the Knuckle Up trainers. The experience was informative and challenging. I learned way more than I had anticipated and look forward to the continued transformation from below average Joe to Joe Show. I can’t be any worse, so it’s only up from here. Based on my body’s soreness, the next review may be via Skype. Stay tuned and Knuckle Up!


Much Thanks,

Joe Show