KnuckleUp Victorious Over the Weekend


This Friday at Wild Bill’s Atlanta, three KnuckleUp fighters scored impressive wins in a nationally televised event at Legacy Fighting Championship/NFC 40. Devorius Tubbs stopped Derrick Brown in the first round with a brutal knockout. Gui Cury used his newly polished striking game and excellent conditioning to win a clear decision over Rusty Crowder, and Dave Vitkay, coming off of a undefeated 3-0 tour in Bellator,  continued his three year winning streak with a third round submission win over a wild Tommy Jones. Dave is heading to tryout for The Ultimate Fighter TV show on April 27 in Las Vegas. Dave’s last attempt to make it on TUF went well and we’re sure his resent success combined with a drop to welterweight (170) will get eye of the UFC and land him on the show.

On Saturday, KnuckleUp submission phenom Quentin Rosenzweig (star student of KnuckleUp head instructor, Master Ricardo Murgel) won his grappling superfight at the Kukato Submission Challenge. Quentin has another superfight scheduled for May and is planning to compete at the IBJJF World’s as well as the next Abu Dhabi trials.

KnuckleUp’s remarkable record of competitive success is well known and our instructors and members have dominated competitions at every level in the Southeast for well over a decade.

KnuckleUp’s top fighters also teach at our two metro Atlanta locations. Quentin Rosenzweig, alternates teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our Alpharetta school with Master Murgel.  Gui Cury  teaches BJJ along with Murgel in the Sandy Springs gym. Dave Vitkay teaches kickboxing in Sandy Springs and is a top personal trainer.  All three are available for both group and private classes at both gyms.



Dave Vitkay posing with his team after his win at Legacy FC 40

Dave Vitkay poses with the team after his victory at Legacy 40