Youngest ever 4 stripe Orange Belt Under Master Murgel

At only 11 years old Parker Graham is one of KnuckleUp’s youngest competitors, but don’t let his age fool you because this young lad is serious! He is now a 4 stripe Orange Belt under Master Ricardo Murgel, which makes him the youngest ever to be awarded that level by Master Murgel.

Parker is also ranked highly by Nationally Ranked (the standard for BJJ and Submission Grappling). His rankings are:

National | No-Gi National | Gi

  • Ranked #8 | Ranked #7

The South | No-Gi The South | Gi

  • Ranked #2 | Ranked #2

State: GA | No-Gi State: GA | Gi

  • Ranked #1 | Ranked #1

We can’t tell you how happy we are to have such a great talent on our team!