KnuckleUp team member wins MTV’s Red Bull Big Tune

KnuckleUp’s own Hannibal was recently a contestant on MTV’s Red Bull Big Tune and was heavily favored to win. Hannibal recently came by the gym to show America what he does in his free time and talk a bit about why he loves KnuckleUp Fitness.

The Red Bull Big Tune contest is battle royale for music producers and beatsmiths. Held at Republic Nightclub in New Orleans, LA, Red Bull Big Tune battle attracted a crowd of more than 700 cheering fans.

In the end, it was Hannibal who took the prize, saying, “I’ve wanted to win this competition for three years. Red Bull Big Tune is at the top of the food chain. I do a lot of beat battles and this is definitely the most difficult one I’ve ever participated in.”