Parker Graham Championships

Team KnuckleUp’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and NoGi Submission Grappling fighter Parker Graham competed in the Southeastern Gi and No-Gi Submission Grappling and BJJ Championship in Charlotte, NC yesterday.

Parker weighed in at 68.6 pounds and, since they didn’t have any other kids in the 60-69.9 LB Expert division, they medaled him out for Gi and No-Gi before combining several weight classes for the kids to compete. In the end, Parker competed in the 60-69.9 LB division for Gi and No-Gi and the Kids Absolute Gi and No-Gi divisions.

Although Parker lost his first fight to a 14-year-old who outweighed him by a full 30 pounds, he went on to win the rest of the day’s matches, including beating a 127 pound boy in the No-Gi Absolute Division.

Parker’s Final Results:

1st – Kid’s Expert 60-69.9 LB No-Gi (Medaled Out)

1st – Kid’s Expert 60-69.9 LB Gi (Medaled Out)

3rd – Kid’s Expert 60-99.9 LB No-Gi

1st – Kid’s Expert 60-99.9 LB Gi

1st – Kid’s Absolute No-Gi Division

1st – Kid’s Absolute Gi Division

Parker received two gold championship finals for his performance in the absolute divisions. And, did we forget to mention that he’s only 11 years old? Can you say little winner? Now that’s how you represent! Congrats Parker!