Marc Davis – General Manager

Marc Davis

Marc Davis comes to KnuckleUp with 4 years experience in running fitness facilities after spending the last 5 years working as an operation manager for UPS and the 7 years prior as a merchandising coordinator and brand specialist for Nike & Sports Authority.   As a teenager Marc played both guard positions on his high school basketball team and linebacker in football. While still in high school Marc worked part time for Just For Feet, working his way up to store manager, where he learned much about customer service, sales and the sporting good retail industry.

Having been part of sports his entire life working for KnuckleUp was a dream come true and at perfect timing. “I actually had spoken to a membership rep with KnuckleUp months before being offered the job, because I wanted my son and I to possibly become a members, so to work and get to train here is like icing on the cake.” “My goal is help grow the KnuckleUp brand, build relationships and awareness within the community of the fact that in addition to teaching martial arts, we provide the best workout in town. Marc is a regular in our kickboxing classes and also trains in boxing and enjoys functional training. Marc is the proud father of an 8-year-old KnuckleUp kid.

KnuckleUp has  been the dominant force on the Atlanta Martial Arts scene for many years and we’re still very much a family facility. Where else can a parent put their child in a superior Martial Arts program, where they will build self confidence, discipline, character and learn real life self defense principles, while the parent them-self can do the same or hop into one of our fitness classes and get an amazing workout at the same time? The days of spending hundreds of dollars a month to sit and watch your child learn an inferior style of martial arts should be numbered. Come to KnuckleUp.