Christopher “CJ” Wilson- Owner/ CEO

CJ Wilson BJJ Coach, works with on of KnuckleUp's young students in a private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session

CJ Wilson BJJ Coach, works with KnuckleUp’s young student.

Christopher “CJ” Wilson started working for KnuckleUp Fitness as an apprentice personal trainer. He then worked his way up to Customer Service Representative, Member Representative, and eventually to General Manager, until finally taking over the company in July of 2009. Today he is one of the driving forces shaping martial arts in the Southeast.

CJ is the head of the KnuckleUp Kids BJJ program and is the BJJ coach for many of competitors as well. He enjoys talking to people about fitness and the training benefits that KnuckleUp provides, especially when it comes to the grappling side of things. “The thing that sets us apart from other gyms is that not only do you get a serious workout and training here— we are also a very entertaining and fun group of trainers,” he said. “Workout with a smile.”

An IBJJF Certified First Degree Black Belt, CJ developed his passion for the health and fitness business after training under numerous personal training directors and turned his love for fitness training into a love or martial arts and martial arts for fitness after beginning his career at KnuckleUp Fitness in 2005.

CJ Wilson’s BJJ journey started in 2006, CJ quickly fell in love with the martial art and its ability to “level the playing field” through it principles of leverage and body mechanics. Later that year, CJ started his competitive journey placing 3rd in BOTH the GI and No Gi Masters White Belt Middle Weight divisions at the NAGA Georgia Grappling Championships in 2006. That experience was pivotal moment in CJ’s journey. Competing as much as possible while also running the KnuckleUp schools, CJ is an active and enthusiastic coach, and has also earned gold at every belt on his way to earning his black belt, including gold in the Masters 3 Brown Heavy Division and Silver in the Masters 3 Brown Open class at the 2016 IBJJF Sumer Atlanta Open.

CJ is dedicated to using martial arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in particular, to help people learn to overcome life’s other challenges. To CJ Wilson, BJJ is the most applicable martial art both for self-defense and mental health. “Overcoming physical adversity helps to give us the tools to overcome other adversities as well. We learn that we are powerful and capable of more than we ever imagined when we train martial arts, and this teaches us to work for our goals and never give up.” He is constantly asking that his students, young and old, challenge themselves to be a better version of themselves, both through competition and training.